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  报 告 声 明

  Report Statement


  1. 本报告未加盖“四川省中安检测有限公司检验检测专用章”无效。

  The report is invalid without the dedicated inspection and testing stamp of Sichuan Safety Testing Center Co., Ltd.


  2. 本报告无编制、审核、授权签字人签字无效。

  The report is invalid without the signature of its editor, auditor and the authorized signatory.


  3. 本报告涂改或字迹模糊无效。

  The report is invalid if being altered or illegible.


  4. 复印报告未重新加盖本公司检验检测专用章和骑缝章无效。

  The reproduced report is invalid without the cover or cross-page seal of the dedicated inspection and testing stamp.


  5. 对报告有异议,应在《中华人民共和国食品安全法》《中华人民共和国农产品质量安全法》以及《中华人民共和国产品质量法》等法律法规规定的异议期内提出,逾期将不予受理。

  Any objections to the report should be raised to the company within the objection period stipulated by laws and regulations. The submission later than the deadline will be unacceptable.


  6. 不可重复性或不能进行复测的实验,如微生物和现场监测,不进行复测,委托方须放弃异议权利。

  Experiments that are not repeatable or can not be retested, such as Microbiology Test and In-situ Monitoring, will not repeat. The client should give up the right of dissent.


  7. 检验检测报告对样品所检项目的符合性情况负责,送检样品的代表性和真实性、委托方提供判定依据的真实性和有效性由委托方负责。

  The test report is only responsible for compliance of the test items of the sample. The client should bear the associated responsibility arising therefrom for the representativeness and authenticity of samples and the authenticity and validity of the judgment provided by the client.


  8. 报告结果仅反映对所测样品的评价。

  The test report only reflects the appraisal of the entrusted samples.


  9. “”表示委托方未提供相关信息或产品未标示。

  “” refers to no related information was received or marked on the product.


  10. 实验室对报告中的所有信息负责,委托方提供的信息除外。

  The laboratory will be responsible for all the information provided in the report, except when the information is provided by the client.


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